Your strategic marketing plan.

Strategic and tactical choices.

What’s in a strategic marketing plan.

Split into two parts, the strategic marketing plan will first define how it will win in the market, before choosing the tactical levers necessary to deliver the win.


  • Market segmentation
  • Target audience selection
  • Buyer persona development
  • Product and brand positioning
  • Customised buyer’s journey
  • Definition of SMART marketing objectives


  • Full marketing mix
    • Product – development analysis
    • Place – review of distribution channels
    • Price – using price as a tactical lever
    • Promotion – Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Creative brief management

Who’s it for.

Why get outside help for your marketing plan.


A truly strategic plan will position you in the top 10% of businesses.


Understanding where you want to go and how you will get there aligns an entire business.


A clear strategic plan makes difficult choices that enable a business to focus on what is important.

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